Top Reasons To Root Your Android

Root allows users to completely own and control their Android devices, help them access the system, edit, remove unnecessary applications that the network operator has restricted the rights of use
Here are the top reasons to root Android:​

Improve speed and battery life

Improve speed and battery life

Most people concentrate on battery life on the device they’re victimization. Applications like Greenify can offer you additional management than apps that may consume battery’ll analyze running applications and permit you to pick out applications that square measure “hibernated” once not in use. This prevents applications from an intense battery within the’s nice for applications that you simply don’t use typically.


Better backups

better- backup

Your Android phone contains essential data information that should occasionally be backed up. Root Android allows you to backup all data saved on your device
Titanium Backup is a popular root backup application.

Recover Wi-Fi Passwords

When your phone is connected to some Wi-Fi networks but over the period of use when someone asks for a password you no longer remember, Root can find the password for you. With WiFi Key Recovery allows you to review the passwords of all Wi-Fi networks you have previously accessed and saved on your phone. In addition, you can share your personal password for others.

Delete all unnecessary applications

Delete all unnecessary applications

Most carrier-branded phones have more than 10 pre-installed apps, but most people never use them and cannot remove or disable them. This causes your phone to take up space and drain the battery. Root Android can help you get rid of this hassle with Titanium Backup. This application allows you to remove any application.

Block ads on all apps:

Every day you have to deal with having to watch the ad cut across when you’re playing a game or watching a movie, which can be annoying and sometimes mistakenly link the ad with malicious content. When you root android, you can completely block ads on all applications. You can install ad-blocking applications such as AdFree, AdBlock Plus and AdAware instead of manual blocking.​

Clear skins Android

Android interface is often cumbersome, ugly. After root, you can completely delete the existing interface and change the new look more beautiful, more complete.

In summary, the top reasons for root Android listed above help us better understand the root, while solving the limitations that the network, manufacturer offers on the user’s device.

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