Buyers Beware: There Is “Root Any Android” Software That You Should Never Use


It’s not a day that somebody tries to charge you for a root guide. Just about every root method ever is accessible freed from charge if you seek for it and do a bit reading. It sounds shady, but it isn’t. Those that create root methods do so for the love of getting their devices rooted and aren’t looking to create a fast buck. After all, these are our devices, and that we shouldn’t need to pay to try and do what we would like with them. So you’ll imagine our disdain once we were directed toward a site that provides to root any Android device for a 1-time fee of $30.

The site is named Here’s how it works. You distribute $30 to induce access to the Member’s Area. There you’ll download software that may, consistent with the site:

” Auto Root software is specially designed to suit all Android devices in the world today. This includes all Android Tablets, Phones, Computers, and E-Reading Devices. No matter what version of Android you’re running, the Root Software works with all of them. – “


What an absurd statement, isn’t it? There are many reasons for not trusting an internet site like this. For starters, there’s an animated woman image within the bottom right corner trying to convince you to try to to it.

They will also include a picture of a palm in their banner and claim that they create $ 5400 a month engaging from home. Additionally to questionable marketing tactics, we’ve three specific reasons why you ought never to buy or use this software.

There Is “Root Any Android” Software That You Should Never Use

Not All Android Devices Can Be Rooted

The very most significant claim this site makes is that it can root anything. However, as anyone at home with the rooting culture can tell you, that’s a giant honking lie.

It’s quite hard to place trust and faith into a product that, right out of the gate, makes promises it cannot hope to stay. Not all phones may be rooted. For that matter, there are a variety of devices that have very complicated root methods.

There are many cases where the device cannot be easily rooted. When OTA updates are available in (Especially HTC Devices), they sometimes patch all known root exploit bugs, and developers need to find a brand new one to get root.

Or if the device isn’t popular enough to be rooted by the developer community, and the current mining operations fail to do this trick. When Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 were released, their locked bootloader prevented rooting for a while before developers figured out how to work it out.

The purpose is that sometimes the phone cannot be easily rooted, and there are even some rare cases where even a little cannot be rooted. Most of the time, it’s temporary, but it happens. In these cases, the $ 30 software won’t work for you.


You Can Get All Of These And More For Free

If someone offered you a decent, free meal, would you switch it right down to spend $30 on the precise same meal during a restaurant? No? Not because that’s not what sane people do.

Every single root exploits that you can find during this $30 software is offered freed from charge at one amongst the Android development sites. Whether it’s XDA Developers, RootzWiki, or one in every one of the different places, you’ll be able to find these root exploits free. It’s just plain unethical not to mention that taking what’s already open and making people buy.

In addition to using free software and making you pay for it, they will also not be recognized by its developers. People have worked hard for some of these exploits. The mad guys stay continues to hack HTC phones despite HTC’s best efforts.

What about the XDA developers that unlocked the Verizon Galaxy S3 bootloader right after that, the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 bootloader. These are the names you must know because these are the people who do essential work. To urge you to root so you can have full control over your device. Did we mention they’re all free?

You Should Learn More About What You Are Doing

Would you begin tearing parts out of your car before you find out how an engine works? Would you hire a chef who’s highlight cooking achievement is making Mac’n’Cheese right “most of the time”? No, of course, you wouldn’t.

Under it the same logic, you shouldn’t go rooting your device without knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It’s not like putting decals on your rice burner to be cool. You’re gaining access to sensitive parts of your device where, if you’re not careful, you’ll mess things up.

So this $ 30 software helps you root. Do I understand how it enables you to root? If you are running a potentially risky exploit to root your phone, you may want to know what it is.

It can assist you in troubleshooting if any controversy occurs. Now, this sounds hypocritical because most of today’s popular devices are even one-click derived (by the way, free) that they don’t necessarily explain the exploit.

The difference is that these are posted in forum threads where you’ll post and ask what they did. Most developers haven’t any problem explaining what they did. The sole time you’ll see a dev hide their methods is once they don’t want their processes to be patched.

In many cases, these one-click methods and gear kits are open sources, so you’ll be able to read the ASCII text file and see exactly what they did for yourself. More importantly, if you have trouble, you’ll post within the thread that you just had a problem and someone will usually point you in the right direction.

They’ll not be overly careful about it all the time, but they often assist get the matter solved. The purpose is that if you’re visiting force your way into the secure and sensitive parts of your device’s filing system, you must know a bit more about what you’re doing, and you must probably know where it came from so you recognize where to travel to urge real help.



It may sound like we’re overly harsh here, but we assure you we’re not. This website is making you pay $30 for stuff you’ll find at no cost. They’re possibly using root methods developed by some other person and were intended at no cost use.

They’re hiding everything they’re doing behind a reasonable computer program, so you haven’t any idea what they’re doing to your device. Worst of all, they’re claiming their service can do things that it cannot do. When it’s all added up, it equals a disaster for your Android device.

It’s necessarily like being drug by a doctor for surgery, and when you’re close to passing out, you see him pop the “how to perform surgery” video into his DVD player.

If our logic isn’t hitting that nerve, take a look at what their customers even have to mention. Devices not being rooted, 30-day money-back guarantees not being honored, and everyone kind of other seedy behavior is being reported.

So if you’re thinking of using this, or know someone who is brooding about using this service, our most excellent advice is not to use it. Nothing good can come of it. So please get the word out and let’s help keep people from being ripped off!

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