How To Root Xiaomi Poco X2 – Android 10 – Using TWRP And Install Magisk

Usually, for other regions, including India, Xioami always releases the Poco version mobile per annum. It acts as a separate child company from Xiaomi. The Poco F1 got hit due to its flagship-level specs for a reasonable price. After the success, there’s a delay in Poco F2 for various reasons. In the meantime, Redmi K30 released. Xiaomi released the identical mobile within the name of Poco X2 in other regions. It comes with Android 10 with upper mid-range mobile specs. Most of the Xiaomi users like better to use Custom ROMs. It required custom Recoveries like TWRP and Root. Below we guide you to how to root Xiaomi Poco X2 Android 10 using TWRP and Install Magisk. The tactic relies on TWRP. So, there are not any root restrictions, just like the patched boot image method.

Why Should You Root Xiaomi Poco X2 Android 10?

If you would like to root Xiaomi Poco X2 Android 10, you should have the right reason, and you recognize what you’re doing. Yes, with a minimum of 6-8 GB RAM, Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730G processor (Poco X2), you’ll use this mobile without root for 2-3 Years If you utilize correctly.

Don’t root because everybody is saying when root your mobile it can become fastest. No. Rooting is to extract some performance from the device.

But, you have already got Powerful specs and software. So, If you’re enthusiastic about some root apps, you’ll root. But, if you would like to check, I won’t recommend it.

How To Root Xiaomi Poco X2 Android 10

TWRP recovery maybe a custom recovery file that has got to be installed on your devices because you’ll root them successfully. We explained the best method to follow during this article and install TWRP recovery on Xiaomi Poco X2.

However, the tool required for rooting this device is that the Magisk App. With the assistance of TWRP Recovery, you’ll quickly flash the newest version of Magisk into your Xiaomi Poco X2 to realize root access.

Before sharing the tutorial, you will want to understand that, with the TWRP recovery present on your device, you’ll easily install any custom ROM or firmware. Does it seem complicated? Relax, everything is going to be explained succinctly in bullets.

Things To Look At For;

  • Ensure your gadget battery is charged above half
  • You should Backup your present documents and information, full information misfortune process (spare them on outside capacity).

Pre-Requirement Steps

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock on your portable. To do this; go to settings >>> about >>> Tap on the “Manufacture Number” 7-10 times reliably to empower “Engineer Options,” at that point go to the “Designer Options” and empower USB Debugging Mode, OEM Unlock. There is no confusing procedure in Xiaomi Poco X2.
  • Also, download the ADB drivers. Install it on your PC.
  • Download Magisk.Zip (Latest Version) and Copy it to Your external Memory.
  • Download and Save it in your SD card
  • You ought to download beneath the TWRP bundle package and follow ventures subsequent to opening the Bootloader.
  • (Redmi K30 4G version TWRP will work with Poco X2)

Unlock Bootloader Using ADB And Fastboot

  • Go to the official Mi Bootloader Unlock website and log in with your Mi Account.
  • Enter your Mobile subtleties like telephone number, IMEI, reason. You will get the affirmation code on your portable. Enter the affirmation code on the Mi site and solicitation for opening. You will get an affirmation mail after the endorsement in 2-10 Days.
  • Introduce the Mi Flash Tool in the got mail. Sign in with your Same Mi Account, which used to get the product.
  • Switch off your gadget. The interface you are versatile to the PC. At that point, go into Fastboot mode. To do this; Press and hold down the Volume Down + Power fastens simultaneously for quite a while. It will boot your portable into Fastboot mode.
  • After you effectively boot into Fastboot mode, Select Unlock. It will take 2-3 minutes to complete the procedure. After the effective procedure fulfillment, Reboot your portable.
  • Check again enable “Developer Options,” then go to the “Developer Options” and enable USB Debugging Mode, OEM Unlock. Sometimes they disabled themselves after the boot.

Flash TWRP On Xiaomi Poco X2

  • Switch off your gadget. Associate your Bootloader opened versatile with PC. At that point, go into Fastboot mode. To do this; Press and hold down the Volume Down + Power fastens simultaneously for quite a while. It will boot your portable into Fastboot mode.
  • Now, associate the Xiaomi Poco X2 versatile to the PC through the USB link.
  • Dispatch the fastboot on your PC. Open a Command brief on your PC and type underneath order.
  • fastboot devices
  • It will show the connected devices. If you do not receive the mobile phone, restart the command prompt and Disconnect and connect your mobile phone. If you are detected, proceed with the steps below.
  • Extract the downloaded .zip file, and you will find ADB and Fastboot drivers along with TWRP, .bat file.


  • Run TWRP Flasher Tool.bat as Administrator. You may get the command window press any key to continue.


  • It will show you some options. We are already in fastboot mode. So skip the primary choice and kind “2” and hit enter.


  • After the choice, the script will ask you to verify the USB debugging, ADB driver, and Bootloader unlocked status. We already do those requirements. Press any key to still the subsequent page.


  • The final page again asks you to test the connection and mobile Fastboot mode status. After the confirmation, it’ll flash TWRP on your mobile.
  • After the flash move, press the Volume Up+Power button. It will boot your mobile into recovery mode.

Install Magisk And Disable Dm-Verity-ForceEncrypt In your Xiaomi Poco X2 Using TWRP

  • Select Wipe->Advance Wipe->Select Cache Data.
  • Come back to Home of TWRP select Install.
  • Select Disable Dm-Verity-ForceEncrypt.Zip.
  • After the establishment, Again, explores to Home and Select Install.
  • Select Magisk.Zip. After the successful installation, Reboot your mobile.

What More?

Xiaomi Poco X2 variants have at least 6-8 GB RAM of RAM. It is a Good Mid-Range telephone with a sensible cost; If you believe you have not adequate RAM, Refer-How much RAM you need.

There are Major customary updates and month to month refreshes from Xiaomi for a long span. On the off chance that you contrast it and Old gadgets, they are as yet getting refreshes.

Along these lines, you recognize what you are doing and the genuine reason, you can root your gadget. If you need to cripple Ads, you can utilize different techniques, which don’t require root. Xiaomi vowed to streamline these Ads in the forthcoming forms.
















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