Root Android Phone

Root Android

This is a page dedicated to showing people a way to Root Android phone or tablet device. While 1-click root methods may work for several Android devices(and we recommend you to undertake them if there’s no dedicated root method), you’ll want to stay with an Android root method that provides you full root together with a custom recovery like TWRP because it can offer you the ability to flash new custom ROMs.

Root -android-phone
Root -android-phone

All root methods listed here show you the way to root and install a custom recovery, custom-tailored to every Android device so you’ll get the foremost out of it. Plus many 1-click root methods may contain spyware so we don’t advise using them unless you absolutely must do so.

This page is updated frequently so please check back for updates!


Rooting may void your warranty on some Android devices! However, if you’re rooting an older Android device, I wouldn’t worry about it since your warranty expired.

Also, devices like Google Pixel or OnePlus Android devices don’t VOID WARRANTY so you’ll safely root them.

Root Pixel Android Devices

See How to Root Pixel or Pixel XL!

For Pixel 2 or Pixel 2XL, please see [Android 10] – How To Root Google Pixel 2 XL – Using TWRP And Magisk  (For Android 10)

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