How To Root Android Phone Without Computer

How to root Android phone without computer 2019

There are many methods to root android devices. So how to root Android phone without computer? You will easily see some tips from Android rooting methods without using a computer. And sure it will run smoothly on Android phones 5,6,7,8,9 along with Oreo, Pie, Nougat, Lollipop …

To Start Rooting Your Android Device, You First Need To Do The Following:

  • Verify your Android device model number.
  • When you do root, you are at your own risk of breaking the warranty for your device.
  • Back up all data on your device.
  • Allows the device to download third-party applications from unknown sources.
  • Make sure your phone is charged above 50%, as rooting will take a long time.
  • Allow USB debugging.

Once you have completed the above steps you can begin to perform root access on your phone without using the computer.


This method may take 5-10 minutes

One of the most effective and popular root apps for Android devices today is the Framaroot app. This application is authenticated by the manufacturers themselves. It allows users to have root access directly on mobile devices without the help of a computer. This is the application that works perfectly well for the majority of Android devices.

Download Framaroot APK

How To Root Android Phone Without Computer

You need access to the internet to download Framaroot application on your mobile device. Because this application cannot be found on the Google play store.

File Search

Now what you need to do is open the file manager from your Android device. Go to the directory where all the apk is located. If your device doesn’t already have a File Manager, you can download it from the Google Play store.

Install Apps

how to root android without computer 2019

Click the install button of the Framaroot app on the application while launching the apk file.

Open Framaroot

When you have completed the installation, click the Open button to launch the Framaroot application.

Install SuperSu

Open the drop-down menu and choose the SuperSU setting

how to root android phone without computer 2019

You choose to use device mining support for your Android device. If the message displayed fails, you can choose another use. When successful, the results window pops up. After that, your rooting process is complete. Make sure you reboot the device after receiving the success message.

how to root android phone without computer 2019


Reasons to root Android

how to root android phone without computer 2019

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