How To Root Xiaomi Mi A3 Using Magisk (2 Methods)

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In this comprehensive guide, I will be able to show you the way to root Xiaomi Mi A3 using Magisk. This might be done through two different methods.

First, by flashing the Magisk installer zip using TWRP, or second, by flashing the patched boot image using fastboot.

The Mi A3 was launched this year and rather like its predecessors, it’s received quick attention from the developer community in an exceedingly short period of your time. A serious reason for that’s that the phone runs near-stock Android OS since it’s an element of the Android One program.

This makes plenty of things a small amount easier at the developers’ end to line things in motion when it involves custom development.

That being said, rooting Xiaomi Mi A3 is now possible and will be easily done using Magisk. Rooting your phone via Magisk contains a lot of perks. For starters, it allows you to pass SafetyNet and play games like Pokemon GO or use apps like Google Pay.

You’ll also use MagiskHide to cover root from apps which may not work if the root is detected. And after all, you’ll use apps that need root permissions.

Warning & Disclaimer

  1. Rooting may lead your phone into a bricked state if not done right. Confirm that you simply undergo the instructions first and understand the procedure that you simply are going to be performing before you proceed.
  2. or any of its members shall not be held liable if any damage occurs to your phone during or after following the rooting procedure mentioned below.


Before you head to the instructions below to root Xiaomi Mi A3, ensure that you simply fulfill all the wants listed below.

  • Rooting your phone will not wipe data. But we still strongly recommend that you take a complete backup of all your data, including the internal storage, to prevent data loss if anything goes wrong.
  • In order to root, you need to first enable OEM unlocking and unlock your Mi A3’s bootloader. If you have got not unlocked yet, then note that unlocking the phone’s bootloader will wipe all the info including internal storage.
  • Charge your phone to a sufficient battery level (About 50% or above). This shall help avoid any sudden shutdowns during the rooting process.
  • (For Method 1 only): Download the newest TWRP for Mi A3 and install it. If you have already got TWRP installed, then skip this step and head over to the instructions.
  • (For Method 2 only): 

Enable USB Debugging on your Mi A3. We are going to be using ADB to drag the Magisk Patched Boot Image from the device to the PC.

Download the latest ADB and Fastboot package and extract it to a suitable location on your PC (example: C:\platform-tools).

– Launch the command-line window on PC:

+ PowerShell in Windows: Go to the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed. Then hold the Shift key on the keyboard and right-click on any empty space inside the folder. Finally, select the ‘Open PowerShell window here’ option.

powershell honor 10

+ Terminal in macOS/Linux: Open the Terminal window and “cd” to the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed (example: cd Documents/platform-tools)

+ When executing ADB or fastboot commands during the instructions, make sure to prepend them with “.\” while using Windows PowerShell or “./” when using macOS/Linux Terminal.

Download Xiaomi Mi A3 Stock Boot Images

If you’re visiting use Method 2, you may need the stock boot image (boot.img) similar to the software version/build number installed on your Mi A3.

Below, we’ve got provided links to download stock boot images for Xiaomi Mi A3, for various software versions. These include boot images for both the world and European variants.

We’d not be providing pre-patched boot images because by using them, you’ll lose the flexibility to revive the stock boot image, which is extremely helpful when installing OTA updates on your rooted phone.

For Global Variant

For European Variant

Instructions to Root Xiaomi Mi A3

As I discussed earlier, there are two different ways/methods to root your Mi A3 using Magisk. You’ll be able to either use Method 1 to flash the Magisk installer zip package using TWRP.

But if you don’t have TWRP installed, or don’t want to put in it because rooting is your only requirement, then you’ll be able to use Method 2 that involves flashing the Magisk patched boot image via fastboot.

Method 1: Flash Magisk ZIP via TWRP Recovery

  • Download the latest Magisk installer package (
  • Connect your Xiaomi Mi A3 to the PC using the USB cable.
  • Copy the downloaded Magisk installer package from the PC to your phone’s storage.
  • Disconnect the phone from the PC and power it off completely.
  • Boot your Xiaomi Mi A3 into TWRP recovery mode.
  • Go to the ‘Install’ menu in TWRP.


  • Navigate to the interior storage and choose the Magisk installer package (e.g.
  • Swipe the ‘Swipe to substantiate Flash’ to flash the package and root Xiaomi Mi A3.


  • Finally, press the ‘Reboot System’ button once the flashing process finishes.

That’s it! Your Xiaomi Mi A3 should now be rooted with Magisk.

Method 2: Flash Magisk Patched Boot Image using Fastboot (without TWRP)

  • Download the stock boot image for Xiaomi Mi A3.
  • Transfer the downloaded file (stock_boot_10.x.x.x_mi_a3_xxxx.img) to the phone’s storage.
  • Download and install the latest Magisk Manager APK on your phone.
  • Now launch Magisk Manager and tap on the ‘Install’ button.


  • Tap on ‘Install’ and choose the ‘Select and Patch a File’ option
  • Navigate to your phone’s internal storage and choose the stock boot image file (e.g. stock_boot_10.3.13.0_mi_a3_global.img)
  • Magisk Manager will now patch the stock boot image of your Mi A3.


  • The resultant Magisk Patched Boot Image (magisk_patched.img) file is going to be stored within the ‘Download’ folder of your phone’s internal storage.
  • Launch the command-line window (PowerShell in Windows or Terminal in macOS/Linux; consult with pointer #4 within the ‘Prerequisites’ section).
  • Enter the below command to tug the ‘magisk_patched.img’ file from the phone to the PC: adb pull /sdcard/Download/magisk_patched.img
  • Now power off your Xiaomi Mi A3 and boot it into Fastboot Mode.


  • Connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable.
  • Enter the subsequent command to flash the Magisk Patched Boot Image and root Xiaomi Mi A3: fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img
  • Once the flashing process finishes, enter the subsequent command to reboot your phone into the OS: fastboot continue

Once your phone reboots, move to the app drawer and launch the Magisk Manager app. If it prompts you to finish the Magisk installation process, then sleep with by following the on-screen instructions. When done, your phone will automatically reboot.

With your phone rooted now, you’ll be able to install use apps that need root permissions, flash Magisk Modules to achieve additional software features, and far more.

So, this was our guide the way to root Xiaomi Mi A3 using Magisk. If you’ve got any questions regarding the instructions the rooting procedure enlisted during this post, be happy to post a comment below.









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