How To Record Calls On Android Pie Smartphones 2020

How to record calls on Android Pie smartphone

There are many reasons why you might want to record a phone call. Google’s mobile operating system has no official way to do this, but Android users know how to deal with it. Today we will show you how to record calls on Android Pie smartphones

Google Blocks Record Calls On Android Pie

Google recently launched a stable version of the latest version of Android, Android 9 Pie. With the launch of Android Pie, Google Pixel devices, and so Essential one has begun to receive stable updates, while other smartphone makers have also lined up their smartphones to update.

The latest Android version not only introduces a whole new set of features such as Theme Design for many apps, Digital Health, gesture navigation, etc. Google has also removed an essential function with the Android 9 update, which is phone call recording. With the latest Android Pie update, Google has blocked third-party call recording apps on its platform.

Record calls on Android Pie
Record Calls On Android Pie

Now, users have become difficult to use third-party call recording apps to record calls on Android Pie without requiring rooting their device. Users with Android 9.0 Pie and above are now forced to root their phones if they request to record their calls through third-party applications. Rumors of future support are circulating online, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The latest Android update makes baseless call recording apps useless, making it difficult for users to record calls thanks to the security and privacy issues. This may be consistent with Android 9 Pie security updates, blocking background apps that access the user’s microphone and camera on the device.

How To Record Calls On Android Pie Smartphones

Currently, the application will work on rooted devices, however, if you are looking to use call recording without rooting the device, we may have a solution for you.

In order to enable the call recording feature the most effective way currently is that the usage of a wired headset. Users can use a wired headset for not only making a call but also for recording a conversation with the assistance of an inbuilt microphone.

As strange because it may sound, this method is among the most effective solutions both in terms of sound quality furthermore as clarity.

Record Calls On Android Pie Using The Wired Headset

To record a call using a wired headset, users will first have to answer their call using one call in all headsets and may have to place a headset button via the internal microphone. This can allow the user to answer a call and make a similar recording for the decision-maker.

If holding a wired headset near the microphone sounds strange, then users only need to make a call in speaker mode and then record their decision to use another phone not running on Android Pie. This method is very easy and can allow users to bypass call recording limits with Android Pie.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an incoming or outgoing call. Users only need to launch the voice recording application on the second device to answer the decision on the speaker. The recording app will record calls at both ends without any problems.

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