How To Hide Apps On Android 10 Smartphones With Apex Launcher

How to hide app on Android 10

Sometimes you give your phone to someone with this constant fear that they will culminate through your applications. It’s like you’re dating Tinder, but you don’t want people to understand that.

After all, dating is difficult and stressful, you don’t want curious eyes and suspicious eyes. To urge to eliminate these problems, all you have to try and do is hide the said application, that’s it. So this is often the most effective way to hide apps on Android 10 Smartphones. Use the Apex Launcher app.

Let’s begin.

How To Hide Apps On Android 10

You can always use apps like AppLock to protect passwords like Tinder, Messenger, etc. This solution will prevent others from launching these applications without your permission. But people can still see the app icon, and that’s all they need to evaluate you and you don’t want that either.

Here is how to hide apps on Android 10 and avoid people looking at you suspiciously.

Apex Launcher

We have discussed ways to try and do it in Nova Launcher since it’s the foremost popular launcher out there. But, if you’re feeling you would like to completely hide apps in Android phones from search results and app drawer, you must try Apex Launcher. This launcher relies on privacy and hiding apps. you may find advanced privacy options except simply hiding the app.

Download and install the app from the Play Store. Long press on the home menu to access the Home Menu. Tap on the Setting to get to the Home Settings of the Launcher.

apex_home_settings .jpg

In the Home Settings of the Launcher, you’ve got a separate section called Hidden Apps. Tap on that to access the menu.

Hidden Apps

In the Hidden Apps menu, you may find an empty list. To feature the Messenger app to its list, tap on the Button “Add Hidden App” at the underside of the screen.

Add Hide App

From the installed apps list, scroll all the way down to the underside and choose Messenger or any app which you wish to cover. Once you’ve got selected the app, tap on the “Hide 1 app” button.

select_messenger_app_button_Hide Apps

You will further be prompted to enter Pattern or Password. Choose in line with your preference. After the setup, you’ll see the app which you’ve got to decide on to cover will be seen on the Hidden Apps page.

messenger_app_hidden_Hide Apps on Android

You can also prevent the app from appearing within the search results. To do that, tap on the gear icon at the highest right corner of the screen.

How To Hide Apps On Android 10

In the Settings Page, move the slider beside the text “Show in Search Results”. This can prevent the app from appearing within the search results.

block_app_from_search_results_Hide Apps

Now, once you want to open the app, you have got to travel Apex Settings Hidden Apps menu and tap on the app.

open_messenger_app_Hide Apps on Android.jpg

The only drawback with the Apex Launcher is that the full-screen ads within the Settings menu. The ads are quite rare but it’s worth declaring.

Also, the launcher on the primary install creates several quick shortcuts like Themes, Apex Premium, etc on the house page without permission. You’ll be able to still remove the shortcuts but it shouldn’t are there within the first place.

Wrapping Up: How To Hide Apps On Android 10

You can act with the free version of Nova Launcher but if you wish a full proof solution then Apex Launcher may be a better option. You’ll also try Microsoft Launcher because it works virtually even within the search.

There are several other apps available within the Play Store but don’t install them without reading the comments and permissions they elicit. Either they don’t work or simply play together with your data.










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