Best Apps For Android In 2020

Keeping information on the go is one of the many things that our smartphones are an incredible tool. Here are the best family location apps and anti-spyware apps for your Android device today!


Life24h_Family Locator
Life24h_Family Locator

Life24h syncs your family into a private, invite-only Circle, making it easy to plan and coordinate at the pace of life. Location Sharing gives family members a view of each other’s recent and real-time whereabouts.

Be notified when your family comes and goes from your most frequented Places. Plus, get alerts if anyone’s phone is running low on battery.

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Scan and detect devices that have spyware installed then show the security solution for keeping your device safe. Extremely easy to use. With each Android version, device model, Spy Scanner will Scan spyware and show you the most suitable solution for protecting your device from spyware.

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The conventional modes and mediums of reading news have completely transformed ever since the arrival of the web. Some decades ago, you had to spend time trying to find the newest updates and political views on the web.

But now, the days have changed. This can be the age of mobile app technology. the identical news you had to go looking for on different websites to prove its authenticity can easily be viewed and skim on one app.

This is an innovational and contemporary approach to acquiring news and knowledge, to not mention the time we save since altogether. If you own an Android smartphone and are want to amass all news through one platform, then we’ve got excellent news for you.

Here are the most effective news apps for android in 2020that serves this purpose on Android.


Another free news Android app, Flipboard, is perhaps the foremost widely known app during this list. With features and options like Feedly, Flipboard allows you to customize your newsfeed with only topics from websites, sources, and platforms that you simply find interesting and worthwhile to read.

But what makes it so popular? the colorful colors, animations, and interesting UX is what has made it so popular amongst readers.


While this can be not a free news Android app and costs $4.99, but it’s definitely worth the tag for all the great reasons. You’ll not find content on the app itself because it only provides you with links that you simply can but further reading.

Supposedly, you had been employing a particular social media site, and you found a stimulating article to read, but you are doing not know where to save lots of it for reading it later. You’ll be able to save all such articles, blog posts, and other links within the Pocket app directly.


If you’ve got heard of Google Now before, then know that it’s now called Google Feed. You’ve got the entire leverage to customize your newsfeed section by making some tweaks within the app settings.

The more you rummage around for a subject online, the more suggestions Google Feed goes to present you about similar topics. That way, your feed will only be optimized for the content you would like to read, and it’ll not be bloated with unnecessarily promotional updates.


This is a free news app which, in terms of features, maybe a lot like Feedly. you have got the complete leverage to customize your newsfeed by only choosing topics and categories that are of your interest.

Once you’re done building your own newsfeed, the topics may be aligned consistent with your interests. A variety of topics are available as default after you install the app since not every reader prefers to make reading lists from scratch.


In this age of digital, there are lots of online newsreaders, which is why SmartNews tried to go for a novel approach to face out. The app accumulates different news, updates, and sources and so forms an inventory of recommendations for you smartly.

The most news headlines will only include the newest and trending topics, so using SmartNews, you may never miss out on the newest updates from across the globe. The sole drawback might be that the customization options don’t seem to be as flexible as those in Flipboard and Inoreader.











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